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Ansible Management

I would like to introduce my sixth book called Ansible Management

Amin Shateri

I’m a Linux Administrator, Instructor and Book Author

About me

I’m a Linux Administrator, Instructor and Book Author

As a highly-skilled and motivated Linux expert with more than ten years work experience in telecom, information technology and services industry, I had this chance to collaborate with different groups of skilled colleagues. As a Linux instructor, by having strong fundamental and practical knowledge in Linux environments and systems, I feel confident to participate in relevant design and consulting projects. I have the ability to work individually or lead a team based on my previous experience. Currently I am looking for an opportunity to bring my expertise and knowledge to a new company to obtain new experiences.

  • My name: Amin Shateri
  • Age: 35 years
  • Experience: 10+ years
  • Website:
  • Email:

My skills

Linux - 100%
Bash Scripting - 100%
Linux Network Services - 85%
Docker - 75%
kubernetes - 80%
Ansible - 80%
Performance Tuning - 70%
Linux Security - 70%

My services

Linux projects

I can provide consultancy for establishment of any Linux Server Administration Services Project based on assessing your needs and existing infrastructure. I can ensure your business objectives aligned with your Linux infrastructure.

Deploy and Support

I work with you to build the right Linux Server Infrastructure Management plan. I can provide expert installation and technical support services on all major Linux distributions including RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu. >> Read More ...

Training Services

I am a certified Linux Instuctor From LPIme in 2012 and I have Experienced in Instruction of Various Linux Professional Institute Courses (LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-303) as well as Docker, kubernetes and ansible. >> Read More ...

Preparation of books and educational content

I have experience in preparation of 6 Linux textbooks, which can be used as educational content in the area of Linux infrastructure.

My CV is ready to be shared upon request, which includes more details about my career history, education, certificates, and publications.





+98 936 655 5236